Building your personal and business brand

Most people understand the importance of a strong brand when it comes to a business. The importance of a personal brand may be less obvious, however, and the idea can even feel a bit “icky”. But the fact is that you already have a personal brand, whether you realise it or not: your personal brand is what people are thinking and saying about you when you’re not there. How do others perceive you? What are they saying about you as an individual and what are they saying about your work? What image are you portraying by your actions and behaviour in the real world and in the online space? That image exists whether you want it to or not, and you now have a choice as to whether you actively manage it – or leave it to chance.

Building your personal brand intentionally will allow you to tell your story as you want it to be told, to establish yourself as an expert and leader in your field and to connect with your customers and clients beyond just your products and services.

Building your brand strategy

Building your personal brand

How to stay ahead of your competition


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