When things go wrong  I will always be 100% honest with you and, with that in mind, I won’t pretend that all this is going to be smooth sailing. It’s vital that you stay alert and mindful of potential pitfalls, gauge when you’re getting off track, and recalibrate so that you continue moving in the […]


Hitting the ground running I’m all about the fundamentals and building the foundations for a sustainable business in the long term – but I also know that you’re impatient and you want, or maybe even need, results as soon as possible. We’ll look at practical and pragmatic ideas for how to balance that short-term urgency […]

Module 9: AUDIENCE

Building awareness and credibility Once you have the fundamentals in place and clear targets to hit, we’ll look at how to bring this to life in the marketplace. This will include how to package your services, how to start building an audience, and how to get comfortable marketing and selling what you do. You’ll also […]

Module 8: STRATEGY

Crafting your strategy Setting clear business goals and anchoring these in your vision and personal criteria will ensure that you are genuinely motivated but also that success in achieving those goals will be rewarding and meaningful to you. Once you have these goals, you can work out the actions you need to take in order […]


Red pill / blue pill? Up until now, you’ve been exploring, reflecting, and preparing… but now it’s crunch time and things are about to get serious. This is where you’ll do whatever you need to do to assess whether or not to go ahead, from testing your ideas in the marketplace to getting together with […]